Elsa is the eldest princess of Arendelle. On the outside, she looks elegant, reserved and Regal. But she lived in fear, in inner combat with powerful secrets, as if she were born with the power of the wind to summon snow, a power that was beautiful and dangerous. As a child, her magic nearly killed her sister Anna, and from then on, Elsa shut herself away, trying to suppress the growing magic. An accident at the coronation caused her magic to spin out of control, leaving the kingdom covered in ice and snow. She was afraid she was gonna hurt someone again, so she ran off into the mountains alone.

Elsa is a charismatic character who builds bridges between confidence and personality and sets an example for girls who don’t.

I always believe that every girl has a princess dream in her heart, put on a beautiful dress and become her own princess.

Amazing dress:

Princess Elsa’s skirt consists of two parts, one is a dress worn inside and the other is a coat.  

The dress is dominated by white and blue, the fabric used is a Roman cloth, and the clavicle is made of openwork. There are sequins on the chest.  

The coat is the focus of Princess Elsa’s entire cosplay costume.  The jacket is long sleeved and features a stand-up collar. A gorgeous pattern was embroidered on the shoulders of the jacket with beads. The color of The hem of the jacket is white to blue. To the bottom of the skirt, is already a beautiful dark blue.  In the dark blue part, there are also a lot of sequins. The hem of the skirt is decorated with light blue stripes, like snow. Behind the clothes is a layer of blue modal beads, which stretch from the shoulders to the ankles. With this layer of yarn, you are like a fairy.


To be more like Princess Elsa, you must have a dark blue belt.  There is an embroidery pattern on the front of the belt, which is very delicate.

Seeing this pattern, people want to go back to the world of ice and snow.

Pants and boots:

In order to make the person wearing this dress more comfortable, we have prepared a pair of pants. From the appearance, people can’t see this pair of pants, but it can make you more comfortable.

The shoes are white to light blue, and the boots are also decorated with a lot of beads. At the tip of the toes, each boot has a blue pattern of snowflakes. I believe that girls will feel like they are in the movie after they wear them.

It’s not just Elsa’s costume that draws us in, it’s the character of a strong and courageous character, and through a role play, let’s get to know Pierre Issa better.

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