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Rolex watches, I’m sure you’re all familiar with it. Classic aesthetic

elements and functions form the most unique appeal of the brand, each

chronograph still retains its classic connotation after the baptism of time.

With the excellent quality of such a steady rock, the exquisite atmosphere of

Rolex has become the most recognizable outstanding chronograph brand in the

hearts of most watch friends.
This Rolex Datejust series is made of refined steel, which is strong and

reliable, showing the manly feelings of men. As the real bright mark of

Rolex, as early as 1930, there are traces of it on the Rolex wristwatch, to

the name of the official registered trademark in 1933, oyster type constant

moving series has this watch.
The 36mm steel case is combined with the 904L stainless steel middle case.

The excellent material demonstrates the strength, elegance and perfect

proportion. After grinding, two kinds of metal exudes two different luster,

bringing the most unique watch experience. The unique silver dial is made of

fine steel, showing elegant style. The silver clock and the silver minute

hand are covered with fluorescent parts, even in a dark environment can also

observe the time, increasing the readability of the watch. The watch also

features rolex’s usual “water drop” 2.5x date magnification device, which

facilitates the observation of the date and enhances the brand recognition of

the watch.
High quality steel upper chain crown, after processing smooth and natural

lines, feel good. Anti-slip texture design makes it easy to operate the crown

without slipping hands. The rolex logo is engraved on the top of the crown,

which adds the brand’s unique charm to the watch. As we all know, the most

prone to water in the crown and back cover of the watch, but this watch has a

screw-in double lock double waterproof system, for the excellent waterproof

performance of the watch points.
The watch is equipped with a screw-in bottom cover, with a tight bottom

design, to protect the safety of the movement. The 3135 automatic chain

movement developed by the brand has passed the certification of the top

observatory, and its accuracy, dynamic storage and stability have been

greatly improved. With power storage of up to 70 hours, the watch is

waterproof to 100 meters.
The so-called “Once and for all” is the most heartfelt identification of the

Rolex watch. Classic styling, reliable quality and a commitment to new

innovations all explain why the brand is so popular.

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